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Occupational & Environmental Medicine

These are designed to help you achieve important learning objectives in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. You should attempt these on your own, or with a colleague. Some of the tasks may be tackled in small group teaching. Your teachers will advise.


When you are next in a general practice - as an attachment as part of your training, or even as part of your responsibilities, and have time with one of the GP principals discuss the following: 
  • the hazards relevant to the staff in the practice, 
  • the assessment of the risks to their health from their work and 
  • the steps taken to reduce these risks. 
Ask to see a copy of one of the assessments that the manager is required to keep by law such as under the Management of health and Safety at Work or the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and discuss it with the GP. 
  • Do you consider the assessment to be suitable and sufficient?
  • What lessons have you learnt from this exercise?
Do not restrict your discussion and conclusions to the limited (but very important) context of the Health and Safety of employees in primary care, but attempt to extrapolate to other occupations.


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