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Directory of Sites in Occupational & Environmental Health

Current or recent Hot Topics, New Sites and reminders of particularly good older sites.

  • An interesting blog ( OEHscience ) by a good friend and colleague  
  • Search string for reports of specific associations between occupational exposures and disease

Purpose, Disclaimer & Acknowledgements


The sites listed in this Directory have been selected on the basis of educational or professional content, or else as regards information, policy or views which might form the basis for comment and debate. Therefore, it is intended that the Directory will fulfil a number of functions including: 
  • Pointing to useful educational material in Occupational & Environmental Health & Medicine
  • Linking to the positions of various bodies, ranging from government departments and agencies to pressure groups 
  • Providing links to information data sources e.g. on air pollution, chemical hazards etc 
  • Giving access to others with similar interests, through e-mail lists, associations, societies etc 
  • Directing to various search tools, and to introductory information about the Internet especially in the context of Occupational/Environmental Health/Medicine.
  • Identifying other directories, some of which are more specialised than this one. 
  • Sites that are simply 'brochures' - advertising or promotional or that are 'subscription only' were not to be included, but some commercial sites have been placed in a separate page
These pages have been described by others as 'EuroCentric' since they contain many links to European sites, for example in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, etc. They also contain a number of links to directories and various sites in other continents, to help meet a wide range of interests. The links are mainly but not exclusively to sites in the English language. 

Disclaimer & Limitations 

These pages were never intended to be an exhaustive listing of all relevant high quality sites, nor does inclusion within the Directory necessarily mean that the contents or their sources are endorsed. 

The Directory pages intentionally contain limited graphics, none of which are indispensable for the use of the pages. It is considered that ease of downloading is more important than aesthetic appeal. Many of the links to which these pages point are well endowed with images. 

Efforts are made to review sites brought to the author's attention but an individual reply to emails is not always possible and therefore not promised - hence lack of acknowledgment or the absence of inclusion of a link in the dirctory should not be taken as a discourtesy.

Other generic disclaimers appear on a companion page


The various, professional friends, students, and others who suggested and/or vetted all the links provided here, or helped or provided advice in other ways are gratefully acknowledged. 
Thanks are also due to the various search engines, directories etc which have pointed to this site, and to which links are provided in the text*.

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