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Air Quality Bands

Current Banding

In 1997, the old UK air quality banding scheme (ranging from Very Good to Poor) was replaced in order to make air quality information more meaningful, by using a set of criteria based on what is known about their health effects. These bands range from 'low' to 'moderate' to 'high' to 'very high'. The first threshold is called the "standard threshold", and is defined by the UK National Air Quality Standard for the appropriate pollutant. The second and third thresholds are the "information" and "alert" levels corresponding to EC Directives on Air Quality. 

The set of bands for each pollutant is available in tabular form from the National Air Quality Information Archive. The risk of predicted associated health effects and actions corresponding to these thresholds are indicated in that table. 

Old Banding 

(For information only) 

Air Quality Bands for old data from the UK Dept of the Environment are provided hereunder for information and reference purposes. 

The following are based on hourly mean concentrations in ppb (parts per billion): 

Very Good 
Very Poor 
Nitrogen Dioxide
50 -100 
Sulphur Dioxide
60 -125 
50 - 90 
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