On the left hand side one sees a gap in the footbridge (which has since been repaired - in October 2011) as a result of damage inflicted by an Italian naval attack in World War II at dawn on the 26th July 1941. The attack was arguably both brave and foolhardy. The attacking Tenth Assault Flotilla (Decima Flottiglia Mezzi d'Assalto, or X MAS) was a torpedo / E-boat unit of the Regia Marina. The enemy force was spotted, and engaged by the defenders' guns from Fort St Elmo and Fort Ricasoli (both seen at the harbour entrance above) as well as highlighted by searchlights and attacked by guns in coastal forts and batteries further afield (Fort Tigne, Fort St Rocco, Fort St Leonardo). The seventeen attacking vessels paid a very heavy price as they were annihilated and none made it back to base. Their objective, a convoy and other vessels in harbour, was unscathed. This damage was finally repaired in October 2011 (images to follow).