His hypothesis  was  subsequently soundly disproven since any similarities Etruscan may have had to Maltese were no greater nor more specific than similarities with other Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic. 

However as Geoffrey Hull points out many authorities since then, besides  well meaning "dilettantes", also drew invalid conclusions about the origin of the language. 

He was a relatively prolific writer for example about his native Gozo such as by writing the book : "Il Gozo antico-moderno e sacro-profano ...". In this wide ranging text he discusses the origin of Gozitan place names, the geography, secular and religious organisations within the island and many other facets, including the origin of surnames such as his own.

Besides his main writings in Italian, he wrote in Maltese, though his Maltese-Italian dictionary was apparently never published.

He also published in French, such as his involvement in a polemic regarding St Paul's shipwreck: " Discours apologétique contre la dissertation historique et critique sur le naufrage de St. Paul dans la mer Adriatique. (Avignon, 1757).