Cumbo residence - address in 1860

He felt that by taking advantage of the population's fluency in their mother tongue learning and communication would be more successful than through the medium of a foreign language such as Italian or English. He proposed his views and his plan in a booklet in Italian entitled "Piano di Pubblica Istruzione", published in 1839, and printed on Francesco Cumbo's presses.

This text proposed his plans for education at primary school ('Scuole Normali'), secondary school (Lyceum) and at the tertiary i.e. University level. He was clearly trying to influence policy makers in Government and in the University. Whilst he said that he was not against change he felt more inclined to follow proven and time honoured educational methods than to experiment with new unproven ones. Although very concise the text goes as far as proposing specific time tables for secondary school classes, considering discipline in schools, defining what Professorial positions there should be in the various University Faculties, and which curricular subjects should be covered in respective years even in disciplines such as Medicine - far distant from his own.

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account of an oration by Rev. Dr. Salvatore Cumbo, Professor of Moral Theology